DVD – 120 Live Interview with Rod Parsley

This shall be the year of Recovery! Every wall that your enemy has erected against you will be completely annihilated, demonic  are breaking and losing their hold on your life, family, city, nation, and generation! Everything you have ever lost is about to be restored to you in more than words,it shall be manifested, and God does not have to remove your enemies to give you victory! He delivers you in the presence of your enemies.

In this prolific and prophetic message to the nations, David E. Taylor shares the Word of the Lord to over 200 nations, on “120 Live” with Rod Parsley! Not only will you learn the importance to having the information to recover, but what to do when you recover. Despite the the battles and warfare that have come, there is a way to win every time! How you respond in the “Time of Recovery”, determines what is going to happen the rest of your life.

Listen now and learn the keys to recovery and begin implementing the divine strategy or complete restoration, compensation, and total recovery. This is your TIME, don’t be late!!

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