Breaking News! The Changing of the Guard is at Hand!
Queen Elizabeth II, Longest Reigning British Monarch, Dead at 96!

All major news syndicates are breaking news concerning Queen Elizabeth’s death. On February 16, 2022, The Lord Jesus appeared face to face to one of Apostle Taylor’s staff members concerning Queen Elizabeth passing from the earth and what this event would signify to the Body of Christ. In the visitation from Jesus, He gave a major message!


Today marks the beginning of what Jesus appeared face to face and said in the visitation. Jesus’ message to Apostle about the Queen’s passing from this earth would be significant to the rise of the new leadership the Lord is establishing in the Body of Christ and the leadership role He has given to Apostle.

“Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream,” (Numbers 12:6).

Below is the news article published today, September 8, 2022, at the time this article was being written, which shows the beginning fulfillment of what was spoken by Jesus, face to face in a dream on February 16, 2022. This prophecy was posted on Apostle Taylor’s Facebook page and website. The prophecy is BELOW:

Amazing, Tremendous Visitation!! God continues to validate Apostle David E. Taylor and the friendship-covenant He has…

Posted by David E. Taylor on Monday, February 21, 2022

Prophecy Given February 16, 2022, to one of Apostle Taylor’s intercessors in a Face-to-Face Visitation from Jesus in a Dream

Dear Precious Friend & Child of God, as one of Apostle’s special friends, you must read this AMAZING VISITATION & TREMENDOUS TESTIMONY!! It’s so awesome how God continues to validate His friendship and covenant with Apostle David E. Taylor! The Lord promises anyone who comes into contact with Apostle Taylor’s ministry will receive special face to face appearances from Jesus!! This covenant has resulted in millions around the world seeing Jesus, face to face! On the early morning of February 16th, 2022, Jesus appeared with a very special message concerning the queen of England. You must hear this visitation! Early in the morning, on February 16, 2022, a young woman on Apostle David E. Taylor’s global staff received a face-to-face visitation from Jesus through a dream. Read what He told her…!!

Early Morning Visitation Dream and Face to Face Appearance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit 2/16/2022 5am-7:02am

In the dream I woke up while laying on my bed thinking it was morning because my room was so bright but when I looked over towards my window I saw a very bright white light in front of my curtains, it was pure white. I sat up on my bed to look closer and when I did, I saw the white light become the outline of a figure. It almost looked like it had wings, but I knew it wasn’t an Angel. The feeling in my room was something I had felt before, so peaceful. Something about it was so soft and gentle in the way it moved. I went to stand up and when I did the gentle white figure left my room going into my curtains and out through my window.

Jesus Appears in my Bedroom

Before I could turn around to go back to my bed, an even brighter light came into my room and formed a figure. The white light was even more pure and even more bright it was hard for me to keep my eyes open. Then the light dimmed a little and I could see better. It was Jesus! He stood in front of my window and allowed me to look at Him. His beautiful white robe came down to the top of His feet. He had an outer robe like cover over Him, the same beautiful white color. Something about it seemed to shine or sparkle for a lack of a better word. I wish I could describe it. Yes, it was glowing, but unlike anything I’ve ever seen that has a glow or reflection to it. Just beautiful! Impeccable taste! I took notice of His fingernails. Each nail was well maintained, not a single spec of dirt or anything. Everything about Him was so clean and well kept! His beard was well groomed! His eyebrows were full but not bushy. His skin on His face was so beautiful, so balanced, perfect complexion! His somewhat longer and slender like nose fit well with His features because of the placement of where it sat on His face between His cheeks. Nothing about Him seemed out of order or out of place. His lips were slender, but still visible and when He smiled, it was the most inviting and perfect smile! So warm! So engaging! His eyes at first were like an electrifying gorgeous blue but then they changed to an amazing honey or amber bright brown color. Yet, they had a deeper brown tone to them too. It’s hard to describe! I’ve never seen such beautiful eyes! They were intense to look into, but they were also so comforting and filled with love and kindness. A seriousness yet a playful look too. I really don’t have adequate words to describe Him! I fell at His feet and started to feel tears coming from my eyes, I kept saying, “What words do I have?!…. What words do I have?!?…” I just kept weeping.

After a few minutes I felt Him lean down towards me on the floor. He softly put His right hand under my chin and guided my face up towards Him. I realized He was dipped down in front of me. He looked at me with such kindness. He put His hand out to help me stand to my feet. He walked me back to my bed and sat down with me. I was to His right, and He was to my left. He moved the hair out of my eyes with His right hand and allowed me to speak. I said, “You are so loving, you are so forgiving, so merciful, so kind, a real friend and so much more. You’re so perfect yet you’re so humble. I wish I had better words to say to you.” I just kept thinking how perfect He was, yet I never seen Him acting holier than thou and never thinking people were beneath Him in that way. So humble. So kind. He just softly smiled at me, and it was like I knew He knew what I felt about Him. He was so meek and understanding. He placed His hand on my back and gently rubbed my back/shoulder area as if to comfort me. Then I asked, “Lord who was that figure just before you came in?” Then Jesus said with a sweet smile, “The Holy Spirit.” I was surprised! I had just seen The Holy Spirit!

Jesus Explains His Joy in Setting People Free

Then Jesus took His hand from me, and we sat for just a moment when He began to speak, saying, “You know, I was there at times standing by them when they would watch the television show (The Chosen) about my time on earth. I enjoyed watching their (the staff) smiles and seeing their hearts lifted. It reminds me of my time on earth when I would see that same joy and freedom in the minds of those who were bound by tradition and law. Their faces would light up and their minds were changed, just like (the staff) their faces. Freedom from tradition!” When He said that, I was able to see in my mind like a vision where people would be sitting listening to Jesus when He was on earth. Their faces would cheer up and look like they weren’t bound anymore and like it was so refreshing for them to see who and how Jesus really is and how he was not bound to law and tradition. I would see women leaving from where Jesus was talking, and they would go throughout the city and get more people and bring them to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to what He was saying! Then He said, “Daily, it is my joy to set people free!” He let me reach out and touch the side of His face gently. His beard was textured hair but soft!

Jesus Explains the Queen of England’s Soon Departure and the Changing of the Guard

Then Jesus’ face began to get a little more serious and His brow furrowed. He stood up and put His hand out saying, “Come, I have things to show you.” I stood up and immediately I felt my body being sucked out of my room, we were instantly in the tunnel of light, soaring by us! I could still feel His hand in my hand. I looked over and saw Him walking steadily and at a normal pace, but the tunnel of light was going faster than my eyes could even keep up! Then instantly were in the sky above what looked like a huge castle. At first, I wasn’t sure where we were but then I looked closer, and I saw the British flag. I looked at Jesus as He was staring down at the castle and I said very shocked, “Buckingham Palace?!” 

He looked over at me and laughingly said, “Yes!” Then He titled His head to the side and said, “She misses her late husband, I have been coming to her at times, to comfort her heart.” I knew He was referring to the Queen of England. Then He said, “She does not have much longer to live. Though she has no real power, her passing will be a sign to my friend of the changing of the guard. Things will rapidly begin to change.”

Jesus Reveals Putin’s Heart and Warns to Pray for Ukraine

Then Jesus took my hand again and instantly we were back in the tunnel full of fast light! Then the light changed to red for a moment and suddenly it stopped, and I was standing in a big, light-colored room with a huge ornate table in it. Then, Jesus stepped back towards the wall behind us and allowed me to watch and listen. I saw Putin walk to the head of the table and sit down in the chair. I saw him begin to speak to other countries leaders and presidents on the phone. He looked cold hearted in his face but then at times had a mocking smirk on his face. I couldn’t tell what Putin was saying specifically as he was speaking in Russian. Then Jesus stood by me again and said, “He enjoys causing fear and confusion. He tells have truths. He says one thing while doing the other. Tell the staff for the next 3 nights they are to pray for 30 minutes for the Ukraine and its people. I do not want my friend using his energy and strength on this. Tell them, if they are going to serve under my friend then they must speak and pray as kings.” 

Jesus Shows President Biden’s Health

Then He took my hand, and we were back in the tunnel of light, within what seemed like a second we were in someone else’s room at the end of a bed. All I could see was just a nice blue blanket and President Biden and his wife. He was lying in bed. Mrs. Biden was sitting on her one leg leaning towards him, she had a damp wash cloth and was patting Biden’s forehead with it. She would take her hand and play with his hair. She was taking care of him. He didn’t seem to be in the best health. He didn’t seem like he was dying, but just that this is how he really feels when the cameras and people aren’t around.

The Command to Pray for America

Then while Jesus was still looking at them, He said, “Tell the staff for the next 7 mornings they are to pray that God’s will be done in my friend’s life so that America will not be attacked.” I saw in my head in a vision the staff doing their corporate daily prayer and I saw over their heads the scripture written out in gold writing “2 Chronicles 7:14.” I said, “Yes Lord, I will tell them.” Then Jesus took my hand once more and we were instantly back in the light and within a second we were back in my room. Jesus sat on the bed, but I knew it felt like He was about to leave. He paused then said, “Tell of my words today. You have one hour to write down my words. You will forget most of my words and what happened after one hour. Do not delay.”

Jesus Speaks About Apostle David E. Taylor’s Friendship and Sonship

Then Jesus got up to leave and said, “David… my friend… I really enjoy spending time with him. Just being near each other. I really love him. I’ve been visiting his mother lately. She never gave up praying for him. Now he never gives up praying for her. He’s a true son!” When He said that, I knew He meant to his mother, but most importantly I knew He was really talking about Apostle being a true son to Jehovah!

News Article Published September 8, 2022

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The changing of the guard or leadership in the Body of Christ is at hand and now. It is the Lord who chooses the leadership of His Church, as the scriptures say. “For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another,” (Psalms 75:6-7).

The Lord appeared face to face and bore witness that He has chosen and raised-up Apostle David E. Taylor to lead the Body of Christ into His purposes! Now is the changing of the guard and God is fulfilling everything that He promised concerning His friend and the move of God that He commissioned on the earth! Jehovah sent Apostle to lead the Body of Christ into the new fresh move of God’s Kingdom and it is here now! Join the Lord’s side here in the Face-to-Face movement with Apostle David E. Taylor!! Call 1-877-843-4567 (877-The-Glory) NOW!


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