“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” -Matthew 24:14

Korea- A revolution and a move of God have begun in the nation of Korea and the two lands (North and South Korea) shall become one! This is the message that David E. Taylor brought from the face of Jesus Christ into the land of Korea. The two lands have remained in a polarized and separated condition around the 38th parallel since the end of World War II. God’s Kingdom and government moved into the region in power in 2011, as David E. Taylor was invited to come after a pastor of a megachurch read Face to Face Appearances from Jesus: The Ultimate Intimacy. After the pastor read the book, Jesus appeared to him! The Face to Face book spread like wildfire to the leadership and to the congregation as the pastor got cases of books and give them out to his elders and the congregation!

Pictures of the Miracle Revival that took place as David E. Taylor Visited South Korea

The Unification of North and South Korea

Jesus began to appear to thousands in Korea, even to those in North Korea, as David E. Taylor came to the nation proclaiming the move of Face to Face. The precious Korean people were so hungry that they lined up outside the church building in the cold just to get a seat so that they may get closer to Jesus! They even had to give out ticket numbers to the people waiting outside the church facility because there was such a demand and hunger from the people wanting to get into the service! The pastor said the people had never lined up for a service like this, and there have been many world-renowned ministers that have come to minister healing, prosperity, deliverance, etc., but they had never seen someone who brought a ministry where Jesus appears to people face to face! The move spread so strong that Dr. Yonggi Cho, who pastors the world’s largest church, asked to meet with him. Dr. Cho opened the nation and welcomed David E. Taylor and the move of Face to Face!

Pictures of the Miracle Revival that took place as David E. Taylor Visited South Korea
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