The Bible Explicitly Validates That the Lord Appears and Speaks in Dreams

The Bible Explicitly Validates That the Lord Appears and Speaks in Dreams

For over twenty-five years, David E. Taylor has interpreted dreams and has seen lives healed, delivered, prospered, and saved! He is now sharing his experiences around the globe, emphasizing the importance and legitimacy of God speaking to you and Jesus coming to you face to face in your dreams, and how this is happening today in the twenty-first century.

Dreams are important messages and answers from God for your life!

If dreams are an avenue that God uses to speak and to make Himself known to us, then dreams in the night are of prime importance! Dreams are a visitation from God to you during your sleep! This is why we must have great honor for the dreams that God gives us instead of treating them like they are “junk mail” or simply a series of thoughts and images you see during your sleep that are confusing and frustrating.

Dreams are an ancient form of communication and visitation that God uses throughout the centuries & still uses today in the twenty-first century to both speak and appear to His people! Listen to this powerful message on Dreams and Visions!

The Bible explicitly validates that the Lord appears and speaks in dreams.

In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee. 1 Kings 3:5

We have all heard the story of Solomon, how the Lord had a conversation with him and gave him wisdom, however, in our generation how it took place was not emphasized. It took place through an appearance from the Lord in a dream!

Just as the LORD appeared to Solomon, Jesus will appear to you face-to-face and give you messages in your dreams.  Whatever is discussed by the Lord with you in a dream is imparted to you, just like it was with Solomon. God gave him a wise and understanding heart in a dream, and when he woke up, he had it!

Many of you have had a dream of the Lord appearing and communicating to you during your sleep, but you didn’t understand the weight and importance of it. There was no one to tell you the importance of your visitation in the dream!

After Solomon conversed with God, he woke up and what they discussed in the dream was imparted into his life. Solomon became the wisest man in the world just as the Lord said he would in his dream.

Behold, I have done according to thy words: lo, I have given thee a wise and an understanding heart; so that there was none like thee before thee, neither after thee shall any arise like unto thee…And Solomon awoke; and, behold, it was a dream… (1st Kings 3:12-5)

How many times have you woke up after experiencing an appearance from the Lord in a dream and said, ‘Oh it was just a dream…?’ No, it’s more than a dream!!!

It is an appearance from the Lord, face to face, that will change your life and destiny forever!

The World Around You Has Been Shaped By Dreams!

In order for you to have a healthy honor for dreams, you must have knowledge and understanding of what the Bible says about dreams and how God looks at them. In dreams are the clues, instructions, and wisdom on how to live life and handle situations successfully.

Dreams contain answers from God!

Did you know that some of the greatest inventions and breakthroughs came as a result of dreams? For example, the theory of relativity (E=mc2) was given to Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison received the invention of the light bulb, Dr. Vivien Thomas got the cure for blue baby syndrome, and Christopher Columbus received direction to discover America, all in dreams! Even the idea of Google was given in a dream!

There are so many more examples of major breakthroughs coming about because of a dream, but the key point to understand is that if you know how to interpret a God-given dream accurately, you will find the answers to life’s situations and problems. This is also where the office of the dreamer of dreams comes in and operates to help bring the proper interpretation, application, and instruction to the dream.

When David E. Taylor was a young man, the Lord showed him in a dream the attack of 9/11 almost 10 years before it happened. He saw who would be president (George Bush Jr.) and also the nations behind the attack. All through a dream! God was trying to warn America through dreams! But because America’s leaders do not have honor for the dream realm, the warnings were ignored.

The Ancient Ways of God through Dreams and Dream Officers

The Lord appeared to David E. Taylor and commissioned him to restore honor and understanding to the dream realm, promising him to give him the revelation if he would obey Him. The Lord also commissioned him to restore honor and understanding to the office of the dreamer, an ancient office that was honored in the Bible, but sadly because today is not honored.

Dreams in Bible Times

In Bible times, kings promoted dreamers to 2nd in command because they had honor and understanding! Joseph and Daniel are two examples of dream officers in the Bible. David E. Taylor also walks in the office of a dreamer and walks in the supernatural power of God in the realm of dreams!

David E. Taylor has established a 24/7 Dream interpretation line (1-877-843-4567).

People from all over the world  are calling in to get their dreams interpreted! You can call in now to receive the interpretation of the Lord for what He is saying in the night hour to you.

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