Experience the Opportunity of a Lifetime! “Face to Face Appearances from Jesus ~ The Ultimate Intimacy” If I told you that Jesus wanted to appear to you face to face, would you want this amazing experience? The Lord wants you to know that no matter what mistakes you have made, He loves you so much and He wants this relationship with you! The Lord told me to write this book about face to face intimacy and appearances with Him, telling me to build it on His Word and to show by Scripture how He wants this relationship with everyone! He said, “share your testimony to let people know that this relationship with Me is possible to have in the 21st century.”

He promised, “When you write this in a book, I will draw near to and appear to everyone who reads it.” I want to bless you and see you have this face to face relationship with Jesus and send you a FREE copy of “Face to Face Appearances from Jesus: The Ultimate Intimacy”! I love you, and always remember God has planned no defeat for you!

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