Famous People Who Dreamed Throughout History!

Did you know that some of the greatest inventions, medical cures, literature, and scientific breakthroughs all came about because of a dream?! The theory of relativity was given to Albert Einstein (E=MC2), Elias Howe received knowledge about the sewing machine, Robert Louis Stevenson received ideas for the book “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, Thomas Edison received the invention of the light bulb, Dr. Vivien Thomas got the cure for blue baby syndrome, and Christopher Columbus received direction to discover America, all in a dream! In dreams, God gives hidden knowledge that unlocks inventions (Proverbs 8:12)! Just as God used a dream in the life of King Solomon to bless the world around him (1 Kings 3:5-15), He also uses dreams in the 21st century to give good gifts to His people! Dreams are not just some gibberish, confusing, or frustrating images you see in your sleep. They’re history making and world shaking answers for our world. In this dynamic series, David E. Taylor brings to life the reality of how the world around you was shaped by people who had dreams. Listen now and learn the importance of never overlooking another God given dream again!

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