An umbrella bird is a large tropical American Cotinga with black plumage, a radiating crest, and typically long wattles. In dreams, birds can often represent messengers of God.



Positive: Dreaming of an umbrella bird can mean that a blessing is coming your way. An umbrella is a covering, so seeing this bird in a dream can indicate that you are under a godly covering and need to stay where God has placed you.



Negative: In a dream, seeing an umbrella bird in a rainstorm getting wet could represent that you are under the wrong covering that is not benefitting or helping you grow in the Spirit. Dreaming of an umbrella bird attacking you could represent that God is showing you an upcoming attack from Satan.



(Leviticus 11:3; Genesis 8:8; Job 39:27; Deuteronomy 14:13; Leviticus 11:19).

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Categories: Animals
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