A turtle is a reptile that lives on land or in water and have for legs and a shell that is fused with their spine. They are known to be slow creatures and retract into their shell when they’re scared or for protection.


Positive: To dream of a turtle could represent a foundation as they are an animal that do not change much in physicality. Dreaming of a turtle could represent your stability and consistent nature. A turtle could also represent being slow to anger.


Negative: Seeing a turtle in your dream could represent having a hard heart. Turtles have an older appearance which could represent being religious or bound by old traditions. It could also symbolize your concern for protection over trusting God. A turtle could represent one who withdraws from correction or confrontation.


(Matthew 15:1-3; Isaiah 28:16; Jeremiah 48:11; John 12:37-40; Romans 3:13-18).


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Categories: Animals
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