A sea slug is an underwater snail like animal without the shell. Like snails but without a protective shell, these creatures defend themselves by converting the food it eats into biochemical weaponry against predators such as crabs. Sea slugs, technically labeled ‘naked marine gastropods’, unique sensory organs which help it produce poisonous toxins to seduce, paralyze and even kill. They are actually an evolved state of the sea snail, which is known to use sea shells as its protective mechanism. Although sea slugs are typically thought of as being very slow, they are actually very intelligent and adaptive to their environment, a notable trait that tends to make up for its weakness. The Bible considers the snail, a type of sea slug, to be unclean.


Positive:  To see a sea slug in a dream may be an indication from God that you are evolving from the state of one who uses external, temporal things to find fulfillment and security. You have graduated from the state of a snail which uses a shell to protect itself from insecurities, and now you have learned how to convert the reality of what threatens you into a weapon against your enemies both in the natural and spiritual realm! The evolved defensive mechanism of the sea slug is what God is giving you dominion over, and it may also be that you are learning how to become a king in realms of thought which govern the inward state and affect the attitude.


Negative: To see a sea slug in a dream may also indicate that you a sluggard. This would be a rebuke to the character of one who is slothful, but it is not for you to take offense against God, because His correction is always ministered out of love that you might be set free from what threatens your eternal relationship with Him. To dream of a sea slug may also indicate that your heart has beheld something the Bible considers unclean and abominable, such as perversion, envy, cursing, strife or even unforgiveness. This would be a subtle warning to repent of this inclination, to turn back to God, to seek a greater knowledge of who you are in Christ.


(Genesis 1:21; Genesis 1:28; Proverbs 19:15; Hebrews 6:12; Proverbs 6:6; Leviticus 11:29-31; Hebrews 6:12; Proverbs 6:6).

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