Ribs are a bony structure that make up the rib cage that protects the lungs and heart. God made Eve from Adam’s rib, so a rib could represent a wife or a spiritual birth.


Positive: Dreaming of ribs could represent that God is getting ready to give you are wife. Seeing a rib in a dream could represent that a spiritual birth is going to take place in your life. Dreaming of a rib cage could mean that your heart is well guarded and you have a good support system.


Negative: If you dream about having a broken rib it could represent that a marriage or relationship isn’t going well. It could also represent that your heart is unprotected.


(Genesis 2:21-22; John 3:6; Genesis 2:23; 1 Corinthians 15:33; Proverbs 28:4).


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Categories: Body Parts
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