Also Caribou. A reindeer is a type of deer that lives in the Arctic areas of the northeastern hemisphere. Reindeer have large antlers and are closely associated with Christmas. In the dream realm, seeing a reindeer may represent one’s ability to tread in high places, such as a mountainous region.


Positive: To see a reindeer climbing alongside a steep mountain may indicate that you are coming into a promotion but must carefully watch your step and therefore draw closer to the Spirit of the Lord in this season so that you do not give into the wiles of the flesh and fall to your own destruction. To see a reindeer leaping may be an indication that God is giving you the power to triumph over a demonic barrier up ahead that may otherwise convince you to stop pursuing your destiny, the position you desire, or the goals that He compelled you to set for yourself. To see a male and female reindeer pursuing one another or simply together may indicate that a spouse is in your future, or that your marriage is going to regain intimacy.


Negative:  To see a reindeer being devoured by a predator, dead at the foot of a mountain, with antlers broken off, stuck in a hedge of thorns, or panting for water, any of these would indicate the state of one’s soul which has either fallen out of fellowship with God or is in danger of doing so and even facing spiritual death as a result. For example, to see a reindeer being devoured by a predator could mean that your lack of swiftness to obey the Lord and in doing to flee from the temptation of rebellion will cost you seriously and even result in being demoted. To see a reindeer panting for water could mean that you are in desperate need for a “refreshing of God’s spirit” and face dehydration, a potentially lethal condition, in terms of your relationship with God.


(2 Samuel 22:34; Job 39:1; Songs of Solomon 3:5; Psalm 29:9; Genesis 22:13; Psalm 42:1; Proverbs 5:19; Isaiah 35:6; 2 Samuel 22:30).

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