A quarter is a coin that is worth a quarter of a dollar. It represents one fourth. Dreaming of quarters could represent that you are activating or starting something. Quarters could represent new ideas or new beginnings. It could also represent the number 25.


Positive: Finding a quarter in a dream can represent insight, power, or freedom that you gained mentally or emotionally with starting something new, or trying new ideas. A quarter could represent progress in an area of your personal life.


Negative: Dreaming of a quarter could represent putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to try too hard when it’s not important. It could represent something that is insignificant by itself, but greater in numbers. For example, seeing a quarter by itself could represent that you may be trying to do something on your own that requires the help of others to be fulfilled. Dreaming of a quarter could represent something that is only 25% complete.


(Matthew 10:29; Ezekiel 45:12).

Categories: Currency
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