A platypus is a small, carnivorous aquatic mammal native to Australia and Tasmania. The platypus is an interesting animal because it is a mammal with a duck-like bill. Dreaming of a platypus could represent something about yourself that could be unusual.


Positive: Dreaming of a platypus could be symbolic of your ability to deal with strange situations and not caring what others think about you. It could indicate that you are unconcerned with social acceptability and care more about God’s opinion. Dreaming of a platypus could also represent that you have confidence and are set apart by God for a special purpose.


Negative: Seeing a platypus in a dream could represent that you are putting up with very unusual behavior or carrying burdens that you shouldn’t be in life. A platypus could also indicate hidden emotions that make you feel insecure or like you don’t fit in.


(Isaiah 53:2-3; John 1:10-13; Matthew 16:13-17; Job 12:4; 3 Chronicles 30:8-10).


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Categories: Animals
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