A pelican is a large web-footed fish-eating bird. They have long, pouched beaks in which they scoop up water and prey. Pelicans are listed as unclean animals in the Bible.


Positive: A pelican flying down to strike its pray in a dream may represent God giving you victory over your enemies. If you see a pelican with a mouthful of fish, it could represent God giving you a harvest of souls. Pelicans in deep waters could represent coming into wisdom.


Negative: Dreaming of pelicans swooping down to eat could represent a demonic attack. A pelican diving into deep waters could represent being overwhelmed or overcome by circumstances.


(Leviticus 11:18-20; 1 Samuel 17:46; Proverbs 18:4; Psalm 42:7; Matthew 4:19; Genesis 40:17; Psalm 69:2).

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Categories: Animals
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