An otter is a mammal that often abides in water and has webbed feet. Otters are known to build strong relationships and can represent a bond one has with someone.


Positive: Seeing an otter floating on its back may represent rest or a sign to take ease and let God work in your daily life. Seeing an otter eating fish could represent fulfillment or being filled with the Word, God, or Spirit. Seeing two otters latching arms could represent a relationship you have with another person.


Negative: Dreaming of an otter being attacked by another animal could represent someone being hurt in the natural or may be a warning of future attacks or hindrances. Seeing an otter that is scared or hurt could represent defeat, loss, or weakness. Dreaming of an otter in deep water could represent a lack of wisdom or love in an area of your life.


(Luke 9:16; Acts 4:31; Psalm 78:25; Proverbs 8:28; Isaiah 63:10).

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Categories: Animals
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