Onyx is a translucent chalcedony in parallel layers of different colors. Being the most traditional black gemstone, it is found in the Bible as a precious stone.


Positive: Dreaming of wearing onyx jewelry could represent something valuable and precious. Every time it is mentioned in the Bible, it deals with the priesthood and is one of the stones set in the high priest’s breastplate. Dreaming of receiving onyx as a gift could represent supernatural blessings.


Negative: Dreaming of onyx jewelry being stolen from you could be representative of the enemy coming to steal, kill, and destroy.


(1 Peter 2:5; Exodus 25:7; Exodus 28:9; Exodus 29:6; 1 Chronicles 29:2; Job 28:16; Ezekiel 28:13; Matthew 24:43; John 10:10).

Categories: Jewels
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