MANDRILL: A mandrill is a large, West African Baboon. It is a primate from the Old World monkey family. Mandrills are known for the bright red and blue coloring on their faces and backside. They have very long canine teeth which they can use for self-defense, but they are known to smile as a friendly gesture.



Positive: Dreaming of a mandrill’s colorful face could represent that God has given you something that makes you stand out and He is trying to cultivate that quality in you. In a dream, a mandrill could also represent that God is trying to balance a playful and careless side of your personality so you won’t handle life’s situations with immaturity. Dreaming of mandrills showing their teeth could indicate a spirit of friendliness.



Negative: In a dream, a mandrill attacking you could represent that there are people around you that are full of deceit. It could represent betrayal by someone close to you. Dreaming of a mandrill that appears to be angry could indicate that you are feeling threatened in life or that you are threatening someone else unknowingly and God may be showing you to watch how you act toward others.



(James 4:11; Leviticus 19:16).


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