A liger is a very large offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. This hybrid cat species is known to be the largest cat in the world and can reach up to 9 to 11 feet in length.



Positive: In a dream, a liger could represent God showing you that you are operating as a cross between lineages or nations, showing great power. A liger could represent that God has given you the good qualities of both of your parents and to search out your lineage. Dreaming of a liger could represent a double portion of strength and power in your life. In a dream, seeing a liger attack an enemy could indicate that the Godhead is fighting for you.



Negative: Dreaming of a liger could indicate two strong nations or spirits coming together to form an even stronger opposition in one’s life. It could represent a powerful form of demon/spirit that is trying to come against a person or Move of God.



(Hosea 13:7; John 17:21; Matthew 12:45; 2 Chronicles 1-2; Joshua 9:2).

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Categories: Animals
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