The Korean won was introduced in 1902 which replaced the yang at a rate of 1 won = 5 yang. The won was equivalent to Japanese yen and was replaced by the Korean yen in 1910. Spiritually, this could represent a conversion of faith or change in values. It could signify faith, income, and the place it holds in your life.


Positive:  Dreaming of a Korean won could symbolize one buying or purchasing from God. One can purchase from God precious things far beyond the value of the monetary systems of men. One can purchase righteous hearts from God that yield riches and wealth that are connected to the Earth. Dreaming of a Korean won could also represent receiving a financial blessing from Heaven.


Negative: Seeing a Korean won in a dream may be symbolic that one has the love of money. It may also be used to show how money influences a person and how it has the power to rule over and manipulate or control someone. It could represent a lack of purchasing or buying power in the natural or spiritual realm which could lead to not being able to purchase from God. The Korean won is far less valuable than the US dollar, so it could represent something insignificant in comparison.


(1 Peter 1:7; Matthew 6:21; 1 Timothy 6:10).

Categories: Currency
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