A Kiwi bird is a small, flightless bird indigenous to New Zealand. The Kiwi is grayish brown in color and has a long, thin, pointed beak. Despite their small size and unique look, Kiwis can be very territorial and aggressive.



Positive: Dreaming of a Kiwi could represent being lowly in heart or humble like Jesus. Seeing a Kiwi in a dream could also indicate that you are bold and courageous in the face of adversity. In a dream, seeing a Kiwi flying could represent God showing you that nothing is impossible with Him.



Negative: In a dream, a Kiwi could represent a lack of spiritual sight. It could also indicate that you are stubborn. Dreaming of a kiwi attacking you could represent that you have gotten yourself into a situation that is none of your business.



(Matthew 11:29; Matthew 13:13).

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Categories: Animals
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