Khaki is a light brown color with a hint of yellow. Khaki is seen as a natural color and can be representative of the Earth and nature.


Positive: When dreaming of the color khaki, it could indicate that God is giving you land. Dreaming of khaki could be symbolic of meekness and inheritance. A lot of times, zookeepers, zoologists, safari guides, etc. wear khaki clothing. In a dream, this could represent God giving you dominion over the earth and its animals and revealing the power of your kingship.


Negative: Khaki is the color of dying grass and other things in nature that are dead or dying. In a dream, khaki could represent being spiritually dead. For example, if you are standing on dead grass and everything around you is dead it could represent a spiritual death and the need to get right with God.


(Matthew 5:5).

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Categories: Clothing
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