In the government, a judge is a public official authorized to decide questions that are brought before a court. Biblically, a judge often refers to God being out judge. Dreaming of a judge could represent a decision that is going to be made.


Positive: Dreaming of a judge judging you may be symbolic of the Lord saving your life. It could also represent God changing a person by using suffering. Having dreams of judgment are not meant for destruction, but for preservation.



Negative: Seeing eternal judgment in your dreams are symbolic of the Lord sending a person to Hell if they do not repent of something. This can represent unrepentant sin in a person’s life or an area where the enemy has placed a trap for a person. Dreaming of a judge could represent the unjust judging of man.


(1 Timothy 1:20; Revelation 20:13-14; Revelation 20:12; Genesis 15:14; Exodus 18:22).


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