Having a Jezebel dream may represent how the Jezebel spirit is operating through the dreamer or attacking the dreamer in different ways. For example, dreaming of a controlling wife may represent that one’s wife is operating in the Jezebel spirit.


Positive: Dreaming of Jezebel or the Jezebel spirit may indicate that God is revealing and exposing the issue in one’s life. When God exposes it, that means the person can be delivered.


Negative: If you dream that you are a Jezebel, it could symbolize how your works are being destroyed because of that spirit. God could not only be exposing a Jezebel, but also an Ahab. Usually where there is a Jezebel there is also an Ahab.


(Revelation 2:20; 1 Kings 21:7-8; 2 Kings 9:37; 2 Kings 9:30).


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