A jersey is a knitted garment worn on the upper body, especially in sports as part of the team uniform which has the athlete’s name, team number, and team logo. When dreaming of a jersey, pay attention to the name, number, and color of the jersey.


Positive: In a dream, seeing or wearing a jersey could represent God calling you to be a part of a team or to work together with others. Wearing a jersey with a certain symbol on it could indicate that you are representing whatever that symbol is in your everyday life by your actions. Dreaming of wearing a jersey and winning a game, match, or competition could indicate that God has given you the victory.


Negative: Wearing a jersey in a dream could represent being at ought or in competition with someone. God may be showing you that you are in opposition with someone. It could represent pride and competitiveness as opposed to walking in love.


(Philippians 2:3-4; Luke 9:46-48).

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Categories: Clothing
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