Jasper is a variety of silica from the quartz family that is actually clear or translucent and can come in any color, but most commonly red, yellow, brown, or green. Two Hebrew words, “yashĕpheh” and “iaspis” are translated to jasper in the Bible. This stone was described as the twelfth stone in the breastplate of the high priest.


Positive: Jasper symbolizes the glory of God, His splendor, brightness, magnificence, and beauty. Dreaming of jasper can indicate the blood atonement through the sacrifice Jesus made and the passing over of God’s judgment.


Negative: Dreaming of red jasper could indicate innocent or unnecessary bloodshed. Dreaming of green jasper could represent jealousy or vengeance.


(Revelation 21:11; Revelation 4:3).

Categories: Jewels
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