A jaguar is a large wildcat similar to a leopard but larger and stockier. In a dream, a jaguar could represent being observant and watchful. Jaguars could symbolize great fierceness. Jaguars dwell in mountains, so a dream of a jaguar could represent high spiritual places or spiritual dominion.


Positive:  In a dream, a jaguar could represent spiritual strength. It could also represent one’s abilities to strike their enemies with a spiritual blow. It could mean that you are keen and discerning. A jaguar could indicate spoils about to be given to you.


Negative: Dreaming of a jaguar could represent an unclean spirit or spiritual high-mindedness. It could reveal one’s cruel intentions (or your own). It could represent wickedness somewhere in your life.


(Hosea 13:7; Daniel 7:6; Jeremiah 5:6).


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Categories: Animals
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