A hermit crab is a species of crustacean with a soft and vulnerable abdomen that occupies abandoned shells for protection. As the hermit crab grows, it seeks out new shells.



Positive: Dreaming of a hermit crab could represent humility, patience, or resourcefulness. These crabs are very good at adapting to survive. If you dream of a hermit crab moving into a new shell, it could represent a promotion in the spirit, or enlargement. God could be expanding your territory or giving you more responsibilities because He has seen that He can trust you.



Negative: In a dream, a hermit crab stuck in a small shell could represent that you are stunting your own growth due to your surroundings. If you dream of a hermit crab without a shell, it could mean that you have removed yourself from God’s protection and are vulnerable to the enemy in areas you struggle with. Dreaming of a hermit crab could also represent the need for you to fellowship more with believers and that you are keeping to yourself too much.



(1 Corinthians 15:58; Job 17:9).

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Categories: Animals
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