A Hercules beetle is one of the world’s largest flying insects. It is known for its two long horns on its head. The name Hercules refers to the Greek demigod, Hercules, and his strength.


Positive: If you dream of a Hercules beetle, it could represent God giving you supernatural strength or might to overcome. It could also symbolize that you are stronger than you think because of God in you. Seeing Hercules beetles running toward you in a dream could indicate that God is sending help in your time of need.


Negative: Dreaming of a Hercules beetle could indicate that you are putting too much trust in your own strength and not on God. Since Hercules was a Greek god, it could represent idolatry, or that you are putting something above God in your life. Dreaming of Hercules beetles running away from you could represent that you are fearful or cowardly. It could also represent a spirit of laziness or refusal to use your own strength. If you see a large Hercules beetle in a dream, it could represent a strongman coming to fight against your life or a sin that keeps coming back to you that can only be overcome by the strength of the Lord.


(Isaiah 41:10; Philippians 4:13; Mark 3:27; Psalm 18:17).

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Categories: Insects
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