A groom is a man who is just married or is about to be married. Biblically, a groom could represent Jesus as the church is called the bride of Christ.


Positive: Seeing a groom in your dream can symbolically represent God or Jesus. If the groom is asking for your hand in marriage, it could mean that God has chosen you for Himself. A groom in preparation could symbolize God processing and preparing you for what’s to come. A groom could also represent marriage, covenant, oneness, commitment, sacrifice, or agreement.


Negative: If the groom is unpleasant or displeasing, it can symbolize a lack of approval or unity and discontent. To see a groom dead or hurt can represent brokenness in relationship, position, or destiny. If you are unhappy to see the groom, it could mean unhappiness, disapproval, disobedience, or rebellion.


(Psalm 19:5; Isaiah 62:5; John 3:29; Matthew 9:15; Matthew 25:5; Luke 5:35).

Categories: People
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