A great white shark is one of the most commonly known sharks. It is a species of large shark with a fearful reputation and responsible for one-third to one-half of annual shark attacks. Great white sharks are the largest known predatory fish. Although shark attacks are quite rare, popular culture has instilled fear regarding sharks.



Positive: Dreaming of a great white shark swimming peacefully by itself could represent God showing you to not judge a person by their reputation. A great white shark that looks aggressive or ready to attack could represent God pre-warning you about an upcoming attack in your life so you can be prepared and have the victory.



Negative: In a dram, a great white shark could represent an evil person or situation on the horizon. It could also represent an attack from the enemy. Dreaming of a shark that seems friendly attacking you could be a warning to be cautious of those around you.



(Psalm 17:9-14; 1 Peter 5:8; Proverbs 23:27-28; Ezekiel 22:27).

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