Gold is a royal color which is described as a light olive-brown to dark yellow or moderate, strong to vivid yellow. The Bible refers to gold a lot when referring to Heaven. Gold is also referenced when a person is being refined.


Positive: Dreaming of the color gold could represent that one has completed a certain process of refinement. It could also indicate a heavenly presence or a gift from God. Dreaming of something changing colors and becoming gold could represent that God is doing a transformative work in someone. Gold could represent a color of royalty or something precious to one’s heart.


Negative: Dreaming of something that is gold could represent idolatry and greed. It could represent vanity or fraud. Seeing something painted a cheap gold color could represent deception by the enemy. Seeing a gold color that is dirty or rusted could represent unrighteousness or a façade.


(1 Peter 1:7; Job 22:24; Psalm 119:127; Isaiah 13:12).

Categories: Currency
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