A girl is a young female that is unmarried. A girl is also referred to as a damsel in the Bible.


Positive: If you see a girl helping you it may represent the Holy Spirit or some form of love. A young girl may represent joy or gentleness in an area of your life. To see a young girl smiling at you may represent peace. A young girl in your dream may represent that your youth is being renewed. To see a girl in your dream may represent marriage, unity, or a covenant.


Negative: To see a girl crying in your dream may represent a form of sorrow, pain, or loss in your heart. To see a young woman that is lost may be an indication to minister to the individual. A young girl being abused may symbolize religion, suicide, or wickedness.


(Mark 5:42; Zechariah 8:5; Psalms 68:25; Joel 3:3; Judges 19:8).

Categories: People
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