A firefighter is someone who fights fire with water. They are people who would risk their lives to save people. To dream of a firefighter may represent that you or someone else is working hard to deal with a situation that has gotten out of control.


Positive: A firefighter in a dream may be a warning from God to help save or preserve you. Someone coming and saving you from a serious problem may mean that God is helping you to reverse a problem or preventing something that could harm you. If you are a firefighter in a dream, it could represent you have a heart of love for God’s people and would lay down your life for your brother.


Negative: If you dream of a firefighter it could represent that you need intervention from someone else to help fix your life which could bring out feelings of jealousy or incompetency in you. It could represent embarrassment about a problem you created.


(Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 104:4; Daniel 3:17; Proverbs 19:20).

Categories: People
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