Feet are the lower extremities below the ankle that are used for walking and standing. In the Bible, feet are often tied to acts or gestures of humility.


Positive: Feet can represent one’s own heart and thoughts toward a person or certain situation, being planted where God has brought you or something that you master or have dominion over. Feet could also symbolize having victory over Satan or one’s enemies. If God positions your feet in a dream, it could represent security and confidence.


Negative: Dreaming of feet can symbolize immaturity or lack of wisdom and stubbornness toward the church. Feet being diseased or injured can represent an offense toward God or brethren and rebellion against authority. Feet can also mean not being prepared, being easily offended, and walking away from where God has brought you.


(Proverbs 25:19; Acts 9:5; 2 Chronicles 16:10,12).



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