A desert is a barren area where very little plant/animal life exists. There are only a few species able to stand the desert climate. The Bible refers to the desert often and in a dream it can mean several things.


Positive: Dreaming of a desert could represent a lone place where it is just you and God. The desert could symbolize a place of consecration and prayer or a place of miracles where God can do the impossible in your life. In a dream, the desert could also represent your wilderness process where you are learning and growing in God.


Negative: Seeing a desert in a dream could represent isolation or a place of spiritual dryness. If you see yourself in the desert it could represent a season of spiritual trials you must endure. If you cannot endure the wilderness, you cannot make it to the Promised Land.


(Isaiah 40:3; Isaiah 43:19; Luke 1:80; Isiah 35:1-10; Exodus 5:3; Exodus 19:2).

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