A crowd of people is a large gathering of people assembled together, usually with similar interests and for a similar purpose.


Positive: Dreaming of a crowd of people may represent the body of Christ, or other believers. It could symbolize like-minded people with similar goals. To see a dream of a crowd of people gathering around you for water in a desert, or for you to lead them through a secret passage in a mountainous valley, this may indicate that you have something of great value to a large number of people, a generation, a race, a nation. This could be an asset to give such as resources to feed the poor, or information about how to engineer a new wave of technology in transportation or communication perhaps. To see yourself in a crowd of people at a concert may mean that you have been pressing towards a moment of ecstasy and exhilaration, a climactic breakthrough and will not experience it alone.


Negative: Dreaming of a crowd of people could represent that you have a desire to fit in with the crowd as opposed to standing up for what you know is right. To see a crowd of people with swords and bloody battle armor storming at you with great force, this could be a dream warning you of a heavy wave of persecution approaching. To dream you are in a crowd of people weeping and crying out for help could mean that devastating is coming to your nation or church community or business, and there’s something you can do to prevent it. This would present a decision to seek God for counsel as always, but more than ever now because you’ve been made aware that serious consequences and heart ache is at stake.


(Exodus 23:3; Ezra 10:1; Joel 3:14; Revelation 7:9; Matthew 15:30).



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