Chrysolite is a yellowish-green or brownish variety of olivine used as a gemstone. Chrysolite is considered one of the most precious stones in the foundation of the heavenly Jerusalem. In the Bible, another name for this stone is beryl. Chrysolite was used to make expensive rings in ancient times.


Positive:  Dreaming of chrysolite could represent New Jerusalem. It could also represent priesthood if it is seen on garments in a dream. Chrysolite could represent a heavenly foundation. Seeing a chrysolite in water could represent mystery or revelation deep in God


Negative: Dreaming of chrysolite could represent the makeup of Satan, as he was created with stones. It could also represent greed or materialism.


(Exodus 28:17-21; Ezekiel 28:13; Exodus 39:10-13; Revelation 21:20; Daniel 10:6).


Categories: Jewels
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