Cheeks are the fleshy parts of the face between the eye and the mouth. In the Bible cheeks represent love, compassion, beauty, and comfort.


Positive: To dream of cheeks may represent one being willing to make a commitment to be intimate. They may represent your strength of character and transparent opinions. Seeing red cheeks in a dream may represent being full of strength and to be energetic and excited to do a task. Kissing on the cheek in a dream could represent honor and admiration. Cheeks may also indicate humility and charity.



Negative:  Being kissed on the cheek in a dream may also represent deception and betrayal. If cheeks look raw in a dream, it may represent persecution. Cheeks being painted or covered may represent struggles because of one’s attitude or slothfulness. Cheeks may also signify discomfort, hunger, and poverty.



(Isaiah 50:6; Matthew 5:39; Song of Songs 1:10; Lamentations 1:2).

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Categories: Body Parts
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