A cardinal is a bird widely recognized by its bright red color. They are known as non-migratory songbirds and are somewhat aggressive.


Positive: Dreaming of a cardinal singing could represent God establishing your habitation. It could also represent wisdom that can lead to power. A cardinal could symbolize energy and happiness. A cardinal singing in a dream could represent singing praises to the Lord.


Negative: Seeing a cardinal could represent numbering your days. It could represent trying too hard on your own instead of relying on God. A cardinal could symbolize an obsession with fighting a non-existent or losing battle. Cardinals could represent staying in one spot and not moving.


(Song of Solomon 2:12; Psalm 104:12; James 5:13; Exodus 11:10; 1 Samuel 15:23; Lamentations 3:52; Psalm 11:1).

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Categories: Animals
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