A baker is a person who makes bread, cakes, and other desserts, especially for trade. Dreaming of a baker could represent several different things.


Positive: In a dream, a baker could symbolize God providing a way of protection from a circumstance that is meant to deceive. A baker could also symbolize the state of one’s self. A bake could also represent God’s mercy and grace to show one the traits and condition of their heart that could possible destroy one’s self if not dealt with. An oven represents the heart, so a baker could represent one who has a good heart in which sweet things flow from.


Negative: In a dream, a baker could symbolize Satan or an enraged person. It could symbolize one who is sweet with their words, but actually deceptive. It could also represent circumstances rising from sin.


(Hosea 7:4-6; Genesis 3:11).

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