See Badger Skins. A badger is one of many burrowing mammals of the weasel family that are prevalent in the northern hemisphere. Badgers appear in the Old Testament and is similar to a coney.


Positive: Dreaming of a badger could be symbolic of a protective covering over you or your family, as badger skins were used as leather to cover things in the Bible. A badger running in a rocky habitat may represent your dependence on Christ and seeking the Lord’s protection.


Negative: To dream that you have a badger in your house may represent that a door has been opened to allow an unclean spirit in your life. Dreaming of a badger running from a predator could represent weakness in the flesh or certain areas.


(Psalm 104:18; Numbers 4:10; Exodus 25:5; Leviticus 11:5).

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Categories: Animals
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