Also Underarm. An armpit is the hollow part under the junction of the arm and shoulder. The Bible usually refers this body part to those who are lazy or have secrets.


Positive: Seeing an armpit in your dream may represent one’s traits or character of their identity dealing with relationship with one’s environment. Smelling your armpits in a dream may represent your desire to make adjustments to your character to fix problems. To dream of sweaty armpits may indicate an upcoming victory over the enemies or those who speak against you. Hiding something under your armpit may represent the need to be discrete in your affairs for your protection.


Negative:  To dream of armpits with a foul odor can represent uncleanliness and the need to change your character. An injured armpit can represent that one’s character is being damaged.


(Proverbs 26:15; Jeremiah 38:12).

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Categories: Body Parts
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