An aardvark is a nocturnal mammal that burrows during the day and feeds on ants and termites by night. This animal in a dream could represent an unclean spirit or someone who dwells in darkness and feeds on digging up negativity.


Positive: Dreaming of an aardvark diligently digging could represent that the dreamer needs to diligently seek God in this season. If a dreamer is fighting an aardvark it can show that the dreamer is resisting a spirit coming against them.


Negative: To dream of an aardvark could represent God trying to help you get rid of certain negative qualities. It could also represent that you are burying things in yourself or not dealing with certain issues.


(Job 35:11; Jeremiah 29:13; Matthew 5:10; Romans 12:12; 1 Peter 5:6).

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Categories: Animals
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