MOTH: A moth is a nocturnal insect with feathery antennae similar to a butterfly but often duller coloring and smaller wings.


Positive: Dreaming of moths could represent God’s righteousness through destroying what is precious to His enemies. Dreaming of a moth could also represent a warning to avoid losing something.


Negative: Moths are known to destroy clothing and fabric, so in a dream they can represent destruction. It could also represent corruption or undetected trouble. A moth looks like a butterfly, so it could represent fraudulence. Dreaming of a moth could represent something that is in a state of decay, naturally or spiritually. It is representative of a state of destruction, vulnerability, or judgment.


(Isaiah 50:9; Luke 12:33; James 5:2; Job 13:28; Isaiah 51:8; Psalm 39:11; Hosea 5:12).

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Categories: Insects
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