Outcome of the World Cup Seen in a Dream

The Strategy of John Brooks’ Game-Winning Goal was Shown in a Dream from God Two Days Before US and Ghana Match!

We have just finished another exciting World Cup Tournament! I want to congratulate Argentina for their 2022 World Cup victory! The World Cup is the biggest sporting event of the world. It is a global soccer tournament watched by nearly half of the world.

Today as the finales took place, I was reminded by the Lord of a testimony from the 2014 World Cup.  God gave wisdom in a dream to John Brooks, a player on the United States men’s national soccer team that year, that caused him to score the game-winning goal!

The US and Ghana, a World Cup rivalry since 2006, were tied 1-1 in the 86th minute of the 2014 World Cup opener. Brooks, who was sent in as a replacement defender, scored the go-ahead goal on a header off of a corner kick! His game-winning goal made history as Brooks became the first substitute player in US national team history to score during a World Cup match.

Before the Game

Amazingly, just two days before this historic match, Brooks told his teammates that he’d dreamed of scoring a game-winning goal “from a header to the corner” sometime near the 80th minute mark of the match!

How incredible! If you are an athlete, I want you to know that God still speaks in dreams today in every area of life, including sports! No matter what sport you play, God will speak to you in your dreams while you sleep and give you information to make you successful! Whether it is a technique to practice or a move to make, God cares about the details and is speaking to you!

Dreams Are Messages from God

The dream language is just like learning any other language. Many times you cannot understand the dream language God speaks to you on your own and need an interpretation. That is why it is so important to connect with this ministry and have a dream interpreter help you understand what your dreams mean! Dreams will make the difference between success or failure!

  • Knowing your dreams can make the difference between whether you live or die.
  • Understanding your dreams can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Understanding the interpretation of your dream can cause you to have an amazing life of breakthrough and inventions, ideas, science, discovery, medical health.

If you are an athlete, I want to help you be successful in this area. Your career is important to the Lord because He cares for you! He has placed me in this office to help you interpret your dreams.

What did you dream last night or in the past that you need help interpreting? Call me today at 1-877-THE-GLORY and let one of my ministers know that you saw this post and are calling for dream interpretation.

I look forward to hearing from you and discovering what the Lord is saying to you in your sleep!

Your friend, David E. Taylor

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