Interpreting Dreams




Ankle – When dreaming of an ankle the bible describes this as having faith and receiving strength.


Positive: Dreaming of an ankle could represent having faith in a certain situation or showing faithfulness in the church or one’s personal life. (Ezekiel 47:3)


Negative: Ankles in a dream could represent in a dream a lack of faith in one’s spiritual life. This could also represent growth issues or an hindrance because lack of guidance in one’s life.


Arm – When dreaming of an arm the bible describes this as Jesus reaching out to help or show mercy.

Positive: Dreaming of an arm could represent Jesus strength and His help in time of need. This could also represent being delivered or having victory over a situation. (Titus 1:7; Psalm 136:12; Isaiah 53:1)

 Negative: An arm in a dream could represent God’s anger or it could represent lack of faith and weakness in one’s life. (Jeremiah 17:5)


Belly – When dreaming of a belly the bible describes this as being one’s own spirit or heart.


Positive: Dreaming of a belly could represent one’s heart or desire for God’s will and purpose for their lives.


Negative: A belly could represent in a dream selfishness and/or self-worship. This could also represent being spiritually sick or one’s lust after their own glory.



Eyes – When dreaming of an eye the bible describes this as being the doorway to the soul.


Positive: Dreaming of an eye could represent a desire or covetousness for God’s heart. This could also represent understanding or being enlightened of God’s law or will for one’s life. ( Proverbs 23:5; Psalm 101:3; Ephesians 1:18)


Negative: Eyes could represent in a dream being envious of other’s possessions. This could also represent deceitful and evil desires of one’s heart. If the eye is injured or closed this could represent one being self centered or being willfully ignorant and not believing in truth. (Luke 11:34; Proverbs 6:13, 27:20; Acts 17:30; Isaiah 44:18)





Face – When dreaming of a face the bible describes this as being made in His image and after His likeness.


Positive:  Dreaming of a face could represent one’s own heart, as in water face answered face, so the heart of man to the heart of man. (Proverbs 27:19)



Negative: Seeing a face in a dream could represent being shameful of the true nature of one’s heart. This could also represent a fear of rejection or being judged. ( Genesis 10:9)



Feet – When dreaming of feet the bible describes this as an act or gesture of humility.


Positive: Dreaming of feet this could represent one’s heart and their thoughts toward a person or certain situation.(Ephesians 6:15)


Negative: To dream of feet this could represent being immature or unwise in a certain situation. This could also represent a lack of compassion or stubbornness towards the church. If the feet are diseased this could represent an offense towards God or fellow brethren. Bare or kicking feet could represent not being prepared and being easily offended. This could also represent not being protected and rebellion against authority. Proverbs 25:19; Acts 9:5; 2Chronicles 16:10,12)


Fingers – When dreaming of fingers the bible describes this as being the spirit or conviction of God.


Positive: Dreaming of a finger could represent being sensitive to receive direction or instruction in one’s spiritual or natural life. (Exodus 31:18)


Negative: A pointing finger could represent either being accused or the dreamer accusing others. ( Isaiah 2:8; 58:9; Luke 11:20)




Hair – When dreaming of hair the bible describes this as being a covering or one’s glory, as in if a women have long hair it is a glory to her; for her hair is given for a covering.


Positive: Dreaming of hair could represent a covering or covenant. If the hair is growing back this could represent restoring a covenant. This could also represent if the hair is being shave a cleansing or removing of filthiness of flesh or carnal mind. (1Corinthians 11:5; Numbers 8:7)


Negative: To dream of hair being cut could represent breaking a religious traditions or covenants. If a man has long hair in a dream this could represent rebellion and defiance towards God and/or man.( Judges 16:17)


Hands – When dreaming of hands the bible describes this as being works or deeds, as in their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.


Positive: Dreaming of hands could represent if the hands are raised worshiping or surrendering one’s will or heart to the Lord. To shake someone’s hand in a dream could represent a covenant or agreement being made. (Psalm 128:2; 1Timothy 2:8)


Negative: Hands in a dream could represent a spiritual warfare or having idolatry in one’s heart. If one’s hands are covering the face this could represent guilt or shame of a certain situation or a hidden grief. To dream of hands trembling this could represent a spiritual weakness or fear. To have clichéd fist in a dream could represent fighting or anger towards God and/or man. To have outstretched hands could represent helplessness and in need of God’s mercy and protection. ( Proverbs 22:26; Psalm 28:4, 115:4; Jeremiah 2:37)



Head – When dreaming of a head the bible describes this as being the head or having authority, as in the head of every man is Christ.


Positive: Dreaming of a head could represent submitting to authority and God’s  government. (Isaiah 9:15; 1Corinthians 11:3)

Negative: Dreaming of a head could represent power and authority being broken. (1Samuel 17:51)




Knees – When dreaming of a knee the bible describes this as submitting to God’s spirit as in every knee shall bow.


Positive: Dreaming of a knee could represent to serve or worship God in spirit and in truth. This could also represent to submit and obey to the word and law of God. (Romans 14:11; Ezekiel 47:4)


Negative: Knees in a dream could represent being stubborn or having idols before God. (Romans 11:4)





Loins – When dreaming of loins the bible describes this as reproduction as in for he was yet in the loins of his father.


Positive: Dreaming of loins could represent truth as in stand therefore having your loins girt about with truth.(Ephesians 6:14; Hebrews 7:10; 1Peter 1:13)


Negative: Loins could represent having an offense towards loved one’s or God.





Neck – When dreaming of a neck the bible describes this as being a placement of honor or respect, as in so shall they be life unto thy soul and grace unto thy neck.


Positive: Dreaming of a neck could also represent authority or to rule as in And Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph’s hand, and arrayed him in vestures of fine linen, and put a gold chain about his neck.(Genesis 412:42)


Negative: A neck could also represent unbelief or being stubborn as in But they obeyed not, neither inclined their ear, but made their neck stiff, that they might not hear, nor receive instruction. (Jeremiah 17:33)



Nose – When dreaming of a nose the bible describes this as being nosy or a busybody in other men’s matters.





Negative: Dreaming of a nose could represent strife or trouble in one’s life as in the wringing of the nose bringeth forth blood: so the forcing of wrath bringeth forth strife. (Proverbs 30:33; 1Peter 4:15)





Shoulders – When dreaming of shoulders the bible describes this as being responsibility as in For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder.


Positive: Dreaming of shoulders could represent God’s government or responsibility as in when much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48; Isaiah 9:6; Psalm 81:6)


Negative: Shoulders in a dream could represent being stubborn or tired. If the shoulders are drooped down this could represent being overburdened with life or feeling discouraged and helpless. To dream of bare female shoulders could represent being seduced or tempted in to sin, witchcraft. (Zechariah 7:11)





Teeth – When dreaming of teeth the bible describes this as either gaining or losing wisdom depending on the condition of the teeth.

Positive: Dreaming of teeth could represent working out own salvation as in but we glory in tribulations also knowing tribulation worketh patience and experience. If the teeth are false this could represent replacing wisdom or gaining wisdom through previous failures. To see teeth being brushed could represent a cleansing of one’s mindsets. (Psalm 119:9; Zechariah 9:7-8; Romans 5:3-4)


Negative: To dream of animal teeth this could represent danger in one’s spiritual or personal life. This could also represent immaturity or being without knowledge if the teeth are baby teeth. To have a toothache in a dream this could represent a trail or trouble in one’s life. This could also represent gaining wisdom through a trail. If teeth are chipping this could represent learning obedience through suffering. (Proverbs 25:19; Hebrews 5:8; Ezekiel 18:2; Colossians 2:8)

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