Hello my Friends,

I have some exciting, breaking news to share with you! We just closed on our brand-new property – a beautiful hotel in Houston, Texas – which will serve as our new Campus for the Harvest! God has given us a great victory and breakthrough over the enemy who is trying to destroy my ministry. Before I share with you about the celebration of this grand hotel and new campus, I want you to hear the fight, struggle, and victory God gave us and the story that took place to get us to this point!

Growing up, I didn’t personally experience the same racial disparities and persecution my parents’ generation faced by Caucasian America. This was because my parents did a very good job of protecting us from racism while also never instilling hatred in us against the Caucasian culture, although I saw how hurt they were from being mistreated by racism as a black family in their generation.

Throughout my life, I have only experienced beautiful Caucasian people  who loved me and supported me even for many years… from my teenage years into my 40s. It wasn’t until recently, in 2014-15 that I started to experience the attack of hatred from Caucasians who were racist against me and my ministry and had ties to the American justice system and the American media.

First, I want to make my love for the Caucasian culture clear. I have no animosity in my heart towards them nor any ethnic culture outside my own race. As a matter of fact, I have seen a side of the Caucasian culture that is so beautiful, witty, intelligent, and beautifully hearted since doing ministry with them in America and all over the world for over 33 years.

As a young missionary and evangelist, I lived with Caucasian Americans in my early days. When I did not have a home of my own, they allowed me to stay in their homes to do ministry in the cities, states, and countries I would go to as I travelled to minister the gospel from the time of my early teenage years through my twenties. They were like family to me, and still are to this day. I have seen a beautiful and deep love and heart in the people of Caucasian America that love blacks, because I lived with them for many years.

My point is – everyone in the Caucasian culture is not racist. I want you to consider this – when slaves were freed, it was half of Caucasian America that fought for the freedom of blacks in the Emancipation Proclamation. The other half of Caucasian America were white nationalists and racists. My point to this is – there were Caucasians who fought and died in the Civil War to free black slaves from the tyranny of white racists within their own race, and from their own white brethren. This shows there is a beautiful side of the Caucasian culture to fight for another race to have freedom, liberty, and justice. We saw Abraham Lincoln assassinated for this cause. We also saw JFK assassinated when he worked with Martin Luther King in his time against racism. Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated by white racists because he had a vision not only to get equality and equal rights for blacks who were being mistreated by the white American system, but to unify blacks and whites together.

This is my ultimate purpose at the end of the day for this testimony. My ministry has been doing this for many years… bringing all cultures together from all over the world, especially unifying blacks, and whites in America under one banner of love. His banner over us is love (Song of Solomon 2:4). That includes all nations, all races, all cultures. This is His Kingdom. Period!

All nations gather at Apostle Taylor’s crusade

The things I say may seem very confrontive and combative against Caucasian America, but that’s not because I believe every Caucasian is racist. In my letter, I am addressing the spirit of racism head on in the American Caucasian culture, because it is not only proven to carry a murderous spirit in oppressing and killing blacks, but this spirit is so ruthless that it has even killed and murdered whites for standing up against black racism. This includes the assassination of two sitting Caucasian American presidents. That’s how evil this spirit of racism is in our nation. It not only kills blacks, but there are Caucasians who will turn against other Caucasians and assassinate them, even those who hold offices of authority in the government and stand against systemic racism in the American governmental system.

This is not to single Caucasian people out and make them look like the worst. However, it is my responsibility before God to tell my testimony and expose the racism that is going on in at least half of the white, Caucasian culture that is still destroying black lives today. I saw when the Black Lives Matter movement happened, there were more Caucasians from the millennial generation marching on behalf of blacks than there were other races, which is so beautiful. I’m so happy to see Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream come alive by blacks and whites holding hands today.

It wasn’t until more recent years that I’ve dealt with relentless and merciless racist persecution, that some of you are aware of but many of you have not been made aware of, that has caused much opposition for both me and JMMI. That’s why after reading this you need to spread it, because when you read these words of what happened to me and my ministry from racism, you are going to be appalled.

Back in 2012, the ex-wife of an influentially known racist and homosexual, who had been divorced from this man for 5 years, came into contact with the ministry. She brought her daughter to one of my healing services, and was so blessed when her daughter received an amazing miracle through the power of Jesus Christ from a crippling autoimmune disease. Her daughter was healed out of the wheelchair  that she had to use since she was in 10th grade… even being confined to it in school at times. After the miracle, her daughter could walk normally for the first time in years without pain.

Katie, before and after receiving her miracle

In gratitude, her mother, the ex-wife, donated $1.2 million dollars to the ministry. The father and ex-husband of the mother, became extremely angry, and asked his daughter, “Why would she give all that money to a black man’s ministry?” This racist hatred sparked a series of malicious attacks on myself, JMMI, and even the followers of the ministry.

First, you need to understand this man’s background. His brother is a chief of police in Michigan. Therefore, he has ties to the legal system there. His daughter caught him on tape admitting he paid off judges, attorneys, and people in the legal system to basically use the American justice system to try to destroy the image of my character, as if I was someone who was misusing church funds. He did this through a manipulated deposition, which many of you have seen online and has spread throughout the social media world. Now, news articles and tv stations have started to pick up this false report and they are spreading racism throughout America as a result. Me and my ministry team gave these recordings to the FBI, so they are aware.

This man directed his attorney to only ask me questions that would make it look like I was misusing funds. When we say it was sliced and diced, we are not saying that the whole deposition was not put out. However, it was sliced and diced with carefully crafted questions that omitted and sliced out the honest questions that would have revealed the complete truth to you.

When I sat in the court room for the first time to appear before the judge, after being summoned as a third party witness to their marriage divorcement (which was completely ludicrous for me to even be there) this man got up and walked over to where I was and sat by me, then with a threat said that if I gave the money back he would make this all go away. Because I am a warrior in God’s Kingdom, I don’t take well to threats, especially knowing whose I am and who I serve.

The racist man’s dog dressed as a KKK member

I told this KKK racist man to his face, “When God and I are finished with you, just like in the time of Moses, we are going to drown you in the Red Sea.” After I said this, he got very angry, jumped up, and went to the other side of the court.

A few minutes later I had to stand in front of the judge, who did not behave like a judge, and later we found out he paid her off. She basically laughed like a person who was not even a judge, and sneered at me saying, “I’m going to prove you personally took these 1 million dollars.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Nevertheless, a few years later, this woman lost her bench as a judge, because of her disrespect to me. God took her office from her! You will also hear what has started happening to this Caucasian KKK racist man who pursued me, wrote KKK on one of my churches, and what God did to him as a result… and God is NOT finished!

Racist graffiti and vandalism on the church wall of one of Pastor Taylor’s leaders by this racist man

Because I wouldn’t yield to his threat, this started a series of things from him to try to destroy me through the American, justice legal system and the American media system which allowed him to do this. Because I am a Holy Ghost, spirit filled Pentecostal Christian, I’ve always practiced staying out of court like Jesus taught. At that time, I didn’t have the right lawyers or legal defense to fight this, like I do today. They were able to do a lot of damage and convince millions of people that I was misusing church funds for my personal gain, and I wasn’t. I have always sacrificed for the Gospel, more than I have ever gotten, from the beginning before God began to bless me and even after He blessed me.

For instance, one of the things they brought up in the deposition is that I used ministry funds wrongly to stretch a limo for my own personal gain. This is a lie. I donated a Mercedes Benz that a businessman paid off and gave to me personally as a gift and I gave it to the ministry. I also took the other half of the money he wanted to give me personally and put it in the ministry to stretch the limo that they lied about in the deposition.

If that wasn’t enough to prove to you that I didn’t gain anything from this, and that I gave instead of taking, I blessed the ministry with my own money through giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars through my salary for many years.

I sacrificed my normal salary that should have easily been at $100k to $200k to only $30,000 to $35,000 a year, so I could leave money in the ministry and we could build the ministry to love and reach people, and see them healed, delivered, and saved. THIS IS WHAT THEY DIDN’T TELL YOU. They lied!!

Church window smashed and broken

Secondly, they made it look like I was using the ministry money on my clothes. But because I purposefully decided to take a very low salary of only $35K a year, that salary did not afford me to be able to buy the kind of clothes I needed for my travel, tv ministry, and other expenses. I very well could have gotten a salary that would have paid for it, of $100-200k but that would have cost the ministry more. I thought doing it this way would keep the money in God’s ministry to be used for better purposes.

They tried to say that I shop at Louis Vuitton and Versace’s, insinuating I was doing this constantly, which I don’t. Out of all the years I have been in ministry, I can count on my fingers how many times over 33 years I have ever used ministry money for nice things at those places. They tried to bring up a cheap $35k that I spent on clothes that I needed, not over a period of one year but over a period of many years, when I had given up and given back to the ministry through my salary hundreds of thousands of dollars. How is that cheating the ministry? You see, this isn’t what they told you. They lied.

Other expensive things were given to me as gifts from people who saw my sacrifices. Especially how God sent an angel to me in a dream, to give up the first private house I ever built on a lake, and two private jets that were given to me by wealthy businesspeople. I was blessed this way during my late 20’s and early 30’s. You must understand I started ministry very early, at the age of 17, and gave up my career to do full-time ministry since the age of 19.

I gave all of this up because God sent an angel in a dream to ask me if I was willing to make a sacrifice to see the face-to-face movement spread all around the world and change lives! I said yes and gave up the home I built after 13-14 years suffering and sacrificing in ministry for the Gospel. I went back to a small apartment without having or owning anything. Voluntarily in obedience to God, I started out poor all over again. Then the Lord asked me to do it again, a second time, and I said yes.

This does not describe a man who wants money, but rather to do ministry. They painted me as a man who wants money, but my heart is to do God’s will and His ministry in the earth. They knew these things, but never asked any questions about these things on tape. They only wanted you to see the sliced and diced questions that they wanted you to hear, to destroy me in your eyes.

For a man to tell me he could “make all this go away if I just gave the money back” shows you that this was a set up with the American justice system at his fingertips. That’s what he did… He spread it through all social media outlets and many believed it. Ignorant and immature journalists and fake news picked up the story spreading racism-fueled hate and false information to the public such as:


  • Riverfront Times
  • World Star Hip Hop
  • Christianity Today
  • The Christian Post
  • The News Herald
  • Churchleaders.com
  • Stltoday.com
  • The Friendly Athiest.com


  • A & E

Even Christian platforms picked up what they saw online and went with falsified information, not even asking me or fact checking anything. This is how the America media is. They spread a lot of false news about people’s character, just to make money, while destroying people’s lives in the process. It’s time that we as Christians stop buying into their lies and jumping on the bandwagon with them to destroy other people’s lives just to make money through their ratings from negative news.

Ryan Krull – one of the Caucasian reporters for the Riverfront Times has continually persecuted our ministry with evil accusations, lies, and by spreading false news. From what we hear, Ryan Krull is allegedly racist against blacks.

The Riverfront Times is a dying newspaper and they need a respirator machine. They are welcome to borrow one of the left-over machines we have from people that have been delivered and no longer need them through my healing ministry.

To the 97.4 million followers around the world who love and support this ministry, I want to expose these people who are speaking evil! Notice how mostly all of these are white media outlets that have latched on to the racist-fueled persecution against our ministry started by this KKK racist! While this all was started by a racist, I have no doubt those fueling this in the media are racist as well. These news reporters are cowards… they cannot stand up in the face of God. They are cowards and they will lose. In fact, they have already lost!!

The time has come in America that Christians must stop operating with this system in our country that is controlled by Satan, who is the accuser of the brethren. You know Jesus does not teach us to live this way. Yet, Christians read all kinds of lies in the media and jump on the bandwagon with the accusers and gossipers, all in the name of righteousness but having no concrete facts from research they have done on their own to find the truth.

You also must understand that not all of this is simply racism, but pure persecution against us as Christians. WE MUST TAKE A STAND, NOT ONLY AGAINST RACISM, BUT FOR GODLINESS IN AMERICA IN THE 21ST CENTURY! A lot of these lies have not only been spawned from racists, but from atheists, witchcraft workers, and those who live a homosexual lifestyle, because they are against what the church stands for!

I also want to address some of the lies these deceiving media sources and individuals have spawned. Some of these accusations include:

Accusing us of being a cult… FALSE!

Accusing us of being a labor cult… FALSE!

Accusing us of forcing people to work long hours… FALSE

All the people who work or volunteer here want to be here. Those who were evil left disgruntled and offended.

Accusing me of misusing ministry funds… FALSE!

This is not a labor cult, or cult of any kind. They are liars. In America, the word “cult” immediately instills fear in individuals. They slap this title on anything they don’t understand, or they know is more powerful than them. They always try to flip the script. For example, Martin Luther King fought for equal rights, but the Caucasian culture made him out to be a communist person, like he was doing something wrong! They’ve even tried to disparage my name and character as a black man through false sexual allegations. This is nothing but slander and lies. You see, I’m not only trying to unify blacks and Caucasians, but my mission is to preserve the future and destiny of America.

These lies have been spawned from racist Caucasians who hate blacks, and it’s important to discern and understand how racism in the 21st century is committed. Today, racism is not committed outwardly, it’s committed systemically, and through subtlety and deception. I have seen through this horrific experience with the deposition how white rage and racism operates systemically.

White rage operates smooth and subtle, and because it’s not in your face racism nor has a violent look it, it’s overlooked. It systemically undermines black and brown people’s basic human rights, and seeks to disparage their name, character, and quality of life. Therefore, we must define what “white rage” looks like in the 21st century

      1.) The Definition of White Rage

Undercurrent hatred, anger, and disdain for black and brown Americans.

2.) How White Rage Operates
White rage works systemically, quietly, and perceptibly, through the courthouse, legislation, and governmental bureaucracy that is set up by the Caucasian culture and is missed because it’s not overt, or outwardly violent.

3.) How White Rage Has Worked Over Time

So, let’s get this straight, the presence of black people is not the trigger for white rage. Because as you see, many white Caucasian Americans live with and cohabitate with blacks in multiple forms in this American society. But what triggers white rage is when a black person aspires… when they become successful… Black people who aspire, achieve, and refuse to accept their subject action to a system that is treating them unjustly.. black people who demand their rights. This is the trigger for white rage. Ever since I exemplified all these things against a white racist in America, he has been able to manipulate the complete white system against me and my ministry, but he has not been able to be successful… because God has been with me.

The racist man who is attacking us said, “why would she give all that money to a black man’s ministry?” Which means they want to put the cap on the black community… they want to choose who can be prosperous and who can’t, which is pure evil.

White rage punishes black resilience. White rage punishes black resolve. This doesn’t make sense because all we’ve heard all our life is that America is the land of opportunity, the land of freedom…

Where all you have to do is work hard… pull yourself up by the bootstraps… but there’s an inconsistency… and the system that is in place punishes black achievement, black aspiration, black resolve, and black resilience… all these things we say we value in the American culture, do not make sense.

Deceiving the Public and Making them Believe Lies!

This racist man spent a lot of time recruiting people to help him with his attacks. He would find the locations of churches I was going to minister at and send letters to the leaders of those churches in an effort to get them to turn on me and cancel the services. If they didn’t comply, he would begin to threaten and harass them and their members, too. One pastor stood up to his threats despite being harassed. He was so furious at this pastor and personally flew to Seattle, Washington where he vandalized her church, painting “KKK” and swastikas on the building and busting out the church windows. While he was out there on that same trip to Washington God judged him, causing both of his femur bones to be broken, putting him in the hospital. We have his recorded confession of this from his daughter! With every turn, God has proven to give victory over my enemies. However, even after God judged him, he didn’t stop. Just like Pharaoh didn’t stop after his first judgments. Satan makes the heart of men harder who pursue against God’s men and His church.

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Pharaoh’s heart is hardened, he refuseth to let the people go,” (Exodus 7:14).

He incited very evil people with bomb and death threats against members of our church… to the point where they stirred up one gunman to come searching at one of our missionary homes, but because God has blessed us to have so much security he was captured and arrested!!

Because this man’s brother who is a police chief for a local Michigan police department, he stirred up the police in other departments with his connections to harass church members and our volunteer staff almost every time they were on their way home from our building! Our staff would get pulled over and harassed without cause.

This racist’s daughter, openly stated that he molested her and was a child abuser, heard him admit to contacting the Attorney General of Michigan and sending false reports that incited them against me and caused a false investigation against me and JMMI! Their offices denied it because he provided no real evidence! Then, he hired private investigators to continue to harass my staff by trailing their cars at night, not only in Michigan, but anywhere we traveled to do ministry.

Not only has this man’s ties to the government aided him in his attack against us, but there have been recorded statements from him confessing to paying off judges, attorneys, and others to side with him against me. He manipulated the American justice system using the judge at the time (who has now lost her bench) to depose me.

In the deposition, the questions I was asked were framed to make it look like I was being questioned by the authorities, which is false. These questions were designed to look self-incriminating in a vicious and misleading attempt to deceive the public and portray that I was misusing ministry funds. He released this deposition on social media, pushing it out to everyone who would share it, even paying Google thousands of dollars monthly, to keep this defamation at the top of their search engine to deter those searching for the ministry so you could have access to see the narrative he was trying to portray to disparage my name in your eyes.

The Internet has since been flooded with libel and false accusations about me and the ministry, insinuating that we are a “cult,” and we are using God’s money improperly, which is so far from the truth. It deceived the public and scarred my image in the eyes of the people, businesses, and even my banking relationships – resulting in loans being denied, no matter how many millions of dollars we raised! Normally, for every one-million dollars you raise, you can get three million loaned to you. We raised millions and couldn’t get financial backing or support to make the burden lighter because banks saw all this false information online and refused to work with us which is unethical practice.

The banks have gone so far as to put fraud alerts on our ministry without any probable cause, just because of these lies that have spread! Many times, when someone wants to give to JMMI, the banks try to convince them not to or call them and warn them of potential fraud! This has not only happened once to our precious supporters, but continually to many of them! Our supporters, especially those who have been connected to the ministry and have seen my heart for the past ten, twenty, and even thirty years, were furious when the banks tried to talk them out of giving to the Lord and JMMI! That’s how you know that this ministry is a good place to give finances to because the enemy’s warfare has been relentless against people’s giving here!

I do not care about the money that comes from ministry and do not use it for personal gain, but money is needed to do anything in America. JMMI provides housing and other necessities to full-time ministers and missionaries, so they can do the work of the ministry full-time without having to worry about getting a job or where they are going to stay. Jesus told me to do this because this was His ministry with the disciples. He did not charge them when He called them to full-time ministry. Neither did He do this to me when He called me to do ministry full-time when I was 17 and walked off my job.

Not only do we provide for students and missionaries full time, but we also support their travels and allow them to be part of miracle crusades across the world, bringing people to Jesus and seeing people healed, delivered, and set free. We also send out our Convoy of Miracles fleet of 18-wheeler trucks with supplies to those devastated by natural disasters in America to provide meals, clothes, toiletries, and toys for the less fortunate around the holidays and throughout the year, and so much more. My heart in ministry has ALWAYS been to help the poor, sick, and destitute since I was first saved.

Giving It All Up

It is important that I share this part with you because it will give you an understanding of why I am raising up a campus for full-time missionaries to live while they are being trained in the gospel and effective ministry. This is the reason for it all! At the age of 30, after laboring tirelessly around America and traveling to other nations, the Lord sent an angel in a dream and asked me if I was willing to give up everything, I had to fulfill the next season of ministry in my life. Although I had greater wealth and blessings at that time, I still said yes with joy just as I did as a teenager! I gave up my first home I built from the ground, cars, and private jets and went back to a small apartment with my family with hardly anything, and I was happy to do it. All I cared about was the Will of God being fulfilled and Him using me in a greater way to bless His people! There is no material thing more important to me than seeing those who were unsaved, repent and come to the Lord, for the sick to be healed, for those bound by devils to be free, and for those who died out of God’s timing to be raised! That is what led to this global ministry that is impacting the lives of millions around the world through miracles and face to face appearances from Jesus!

My point for all of this is that I understand what it is to live by faith as a missionary and being a full-time minister with nothing. I know what it’s like to not know where your next meal is coming from or where you are going to stay! As my ministry took off around the world in recent years, God started sending people of all ages to my doorstep whose desire was to do full-time ministry, just as He had me do over 30 years ago! They started coming in droves, and the Lord told me to obey Him by providing a place for them to stay and receive training for effective ministry. Resources were limited, and initially I had some stay in my apartment and asked other members to share space in their own homes. Eventually, I had to start buying, renting, or leasing homes for these ministers to stay in. This proved difficult not only due to a lack of resources, but also because of the persecution we were receiving from the racist man who stained my reputation.

Causing us to be thrown out of every place that I leased to house the JMMI workers, staff, and full-time missionaries

With all the new homes we were renting or leasing for the full-time missionaries, the man fueled by racism, continued to have private investigators follow the ministers from the church to the homes to collect the addresses of the homes they were staying in. Once they found the addresses, they would contact the owners of the homes and tell them all sorts of horrible things about me and the ministry which alarmed them! This wicked onslaught of lies and persecution happened over and over and put the lives of these precious missionaries, who gave up everything for God, in danger. It got so bad that the neighbors began calling the police and spreading evil lies that we were a cult, drug dealers, and even committing human trafficking in their neighborhoods. They’d say that we had people locked up against their will causing unnecessary visits and monitoring from law enforcement. When police and detectives believed these lies, the harassment continued. The homeowners would suddenly break the lease agreements and throw us out, forcing us to quickly find another place to live and the same process would restart when they discovered our new addresses.

The Purpose of the Mansions

This horrible cycle has gone on for more than five years. I did not want these precious people to continue having to deal with this after spending hours each day ministering the gospel and praying for people over the phone each day. I cried out to God and said, “Lord what do we do? We need your wisdom!” You must understand we weren’t getting smaller, things kept growing, and more full-time people came from everywhere! Then, God answered and started putting it on the hearts of my sons and daughters around the United States and the world to support us financially, and people like yourself started giving! This support was such a supernatural increase that I could buy bigger homes to house the missionaries and students for the ministry training school rather than spending more money on several smaller homes and separate utilities for each home that wouldn’t be as economical.

Because of the racism we were forced to buy larger homes for the vision for the missionaries in the form of mansions. Our board agreed that this was the only and wisest way to continue to achieve our goals and build. Since we bought these large homes with cash and owned the properties, no one could throw us out! But because of this, the enemies resorted to another scheme and started spreading the lies that I was misusing ministry money and buying mansions for myself and using them as residential centers. This is false! I have not even been in these homes as I have been in shut away in the church for the past three years, seeking the Lord for the preservation of our country! Our homes function no differently than an AirBNB. We provided people with a place to stay and rest comfortably in their own rooms, except we did not charge them. The Lord also gave this wisdom as a way for me to build a portfolio of properties and land that were paid off to work toward having credibility to buy a larger university campus for the missionaries and students!

Some might ask, “Why didn’t you just buy a campus at first instead of mansions?” Because of the banks’ refusal to work with us, we did not have the funds to spend $25 million up front on a large-scale campus. Because of racism, we were denied loans even when the banks saw the money we had. Let’s be honest, things would be different right now if I was a white man in America. We had to pay for everything with hard cash! It was hard on us, but it solved our problem for a moment. The problem is, it’s not large enough to house a full-scale operation as a campus for a school.

Even though I have suffered injustice and racism from Caucasians, I want them to understand that I still love them and see the beauty and good in them, just like Jesus does! In 2016, Jehovah visited me in a dream. I saw Him descend to the earth in a cloud and He told me He was on earth working with me and that He was sending me to the Caucasian culture to help preserve them from a war that is coming to America from Russia if they don’t repent. This is outlined in my Prophecy to America message, which is very important for Americans to listen to. America is facing extinction if a nuclear war comes here from Russia, along with other countries who will join them such as China, Iran, and Iraq, to attack the west, plummeting the whole world into World War III that will affect all nations.

God told me our enemies, Russia, and these other countries, will win this war and he will allow it because of the injustices in the American system with the Caucasian culture if they do not hear this message, and truly repent, and change. Because of my call to Caucasian America, God has given me a special love for them. Unlike a lot of black people who are angry and racist towards Caucasians because they have been wicked and racist towards blacks, I love them deeply. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and the Lord has shown me to not allow the sins of the Caucasian culture taint and destroy my love for them!

Very early on, God taught me that He placed a unique part of Himself in every culture. No culture is perfect nor fully complete, which is why we need each other! Because of this, I have spent many years studying the strengths and weaknesses of each ethnic group and seeking to find God’s heart for every culture. Our Caucasian fathers built and established a beautiful nation that has set an example for all the world, but all of this will be in vain if the Russian invasion happens. God sent me, as His face-to-face prophet, to Caucasian America with a mandate, message, and solution to preserve America from nuclear war.

As you’ve read, the foundation for all this stems from me being a black man in America and a Caucasian racist who has made it his life’s work to attempt to tear me and my ministry down and his narrative controls the Caucasian banking system! It has caused great setbacks, heartache, and has made it harder for me to obey God and fulfill the vision and ministry He gave me to do, which is to love people, feed the poor, train, and raise up missionaries and fivefold leaders free of charge, but most of all – my passion and love – to heal the sick by God’s power which many of you have witnessed and experienced! The mainstream Caucasian media has constantly lied about my heart and efforts for God’s Kingdom by facilitating an evil smear campaign to ruin and tarnish my image and name before you, America, and the world!

I’m so humbled to announce that because of you, my financial supporters who love the Lord and believe in this ministry, even during this process of persecution, we have just purchased the first Campus for the Harvest! It was a hotel at one time that will now serve as a Bible school, campus, and housing center for our missionaries and students! Praise God!

This hotel is just the beginning, as God also opened the door for us to purchase a headquarters campus that will act as a central location where you, your children, and your grandchildren can come free of charge, and learn to be trained in the things of God and in His supernatural power to help reap the 8 billion soul harvest! Missionaries and students from around the world will be able to come and be trained to be laborers in the Lord’s harvest! He said, “…The harvest is truly plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest,” (Matthew 9:37-38). I’m inviting you to visit our world campuses and sites in these different locations. Once they are prepared for you to come, I will share the dates and more information!

Our Northeastern Headquarters in Taylor, Michigan

Our Beautiful Lake Property for Recreation Missouri

(Not actual campus) But a Prototype Campus

Our New Campus for the Harvest Missionary and Student Housing Houston, Texas

MinistryWatch and Kim Roberts lied when they reported that the ministry agreed to $2.2 million and was behind on the payments. Documentation proves they are FALSE, do not listen to them! The devil is using these people and their lies against the church!

I also discovered that Movie Prop rentals received calls from the racists who have targeted ministry relationships and connections since 2015, speaking evil, showing the deposition, and propelling racism. Initially, we had a wonderful relationship with Movie Props, but the company started changing towards the ministry after receiving these calls.

When Moses built the tent of meeting in the Bible, God came down face to face and described the specific colors and way He wanted it designed, a lot of which reflected Heaven.

“And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among them. According to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall ye make it,” (Exodus 25:8-9)

Some people are so religious and have no understanding of who the God of the Bible is. He is a person and has personal likes and preferences, and we are made in His image. When you own a home or special building, you also have certain ways you prefer to build, design, and decorate it to be beautiful and excellent, according to its purpose. One of the reason’s why I am God’s friend is because I truly honor God by seeking and pursuing His heart. I always strive to fulfill ALL of God’s will. Just like in the Bible, when the temple was prepared the way that pleased and honored God, He came down and filled the temple with Himself. This is what is about to take place in arenas across America!

You must understand the spiritual warfare surrounding this stage set. It is an important part of preparing for God to come down. It is an open invitation and display of true honor and love for God! The arenas will be special meeting places and appointed times when God is going to come down to meet His people as we repent and seek His face to preserve our nation.

Wicked organizations like the Christian Post, Ministry Watch, Ryan Krull (the main journalist with Riverfront Times), and others, do not know my heart, but have jumped on the lying bandwagon that profits themselves. These journalists are liars, they lack integrity, and are working for lying newspapers. If they don’t repent, they will all be judged by God.

God gave me a grace for nations, specifically America. I have been sent as an Apostle with a message straight from God’s face, and if America listens, she will be saved. If not, she won’t be.

“He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me,” (Matthew 10:40).

Jesus taught us to count it as a testimony against nations that doesn’t listen to a true apostle.

“And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city,” (Matthew 10:14-15).

America does not want Him to testify against her. People think the newspapers are testifying against me and the ministry, but their sloppy testimonies are nothing. The testimony of a true messenger of God is what counts, and if he testifies against this nation, it will be destroyed. It will be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah.

“And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorraha in the day of judgment, than for that city,” (Matthew 6:11).

People who listen to the punks and suckers writing articles against me will come to nothing, just like their testimonies. I have been sent from the face of Jesus, and his testimony is what matters. He has not testified against America, because he is here, as an intercessor to speak well over this country by calling her to repentance. America must repent!

It is sad when the church boards the gossip bandwagon. Many black pastors see lies and believe whatever they see, and they start speaking evil about myself and people that are a part of the ministry, because they are full of fear. I am not fearful the way they are and am full of boldness because I have seen the Lord and know what He will do to this country and anybody who attacks him and the ministry. The Miracles in America Crusades that I will be holding are God’s Solution to Preserve America from War and for His People to fulfill the Conditions in 

2 Chronicles 7:14 Help Save America!

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Since this crusade was announced, Satan has attempted to stop it, but God told me to encourage you, because nothing the enemy does will prosper and he will not be successful! You must understand the immense weight and purpose of this Crusade and the Heal the Land Tour, because an entire nation is at risk of annihilation.

First, we experienced COVID, which God allowed as a pestilence to humble the nation and preserve it from war. It also gave us time to prepare, and time for me to complete my three year shut away with God, to pay the price for miracles He wants to release during this major tour across America. COVID was lifting, Hurricanes hit Florida, then we had to file a lawsuit because the enemy is trying to steal money for crusade preparations and the stage that God had told me to build to honor Him for this move. This company is trying to steal God’s money so I had to put my foot down and say, “NO, DEVIL!” This is going to be one of the most powerful and tremendous crusades ever, because of the warfare we encountered in the preparation. We are counter suing because we are righteous, and we will not allow anyone to steal God’s money.

Let him that stole steal no more:” (Ephesians 4:28).

I am calling all warriors who love the Lord to join me in prayer for the Heal the Land Tour and Arena Crusades. AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED! The attacks are a sign we are moving in the right direction and will of God! The enemy is trying to rip off the church, and I am asking for my prayer warriors and financial supporters to stand! We must stop the injustice against the church and Body of Christ in America! These attacks are meant to rob God’s people. Pastor Benny Hinn went through attacks like this and stopped doing crusades in America because he was tired of being ripped off by different companies. This attack is another sign that God has something big and the greatest move of God in history, the former and latter movement, is about to happen!

“Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth,” 

(Hosea 6:3).


strong>A lot of Christians act like cowards when an attack happens, and fearfully join lying bandwagons, because they are fearful! There aren’t enough warriors that will stand strong in the day of battle… like Joshua! We are not fearful in this ministry and Face to Face movement!

When the children of Israel were enslaved, Moses stood against it. Joshua was intimidated by those who saw the might of Jericho, but God told him to stand, and the wall fell! People must understand that God’s blessings also come with persecution and warfare.

 “And Jesus answered and said, ‘Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s, But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life,” (Mark 10:29-30).


“But the LORD is with me as a mighty terrible one [warrior]: therefore my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper: their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten,” (Jeremiah 20:11).

God assured me that we will win this case. The man trying to steal from God is lying and we have his recording, admitting to what he has done wrong. In his greed, he is trying to steal $2 million dollars that belong to God. Therefore, God told me to put my foot down, say no, and don’t allow him or anyone else steal money from the Lord!

Here are the false allegations:

“The original design cost was about $680,000, but changes requested by the church increased the budget to $1.2 million, the court documents allege.” The changes did not cost $1.2 million. Almost $200,000 of this was the arena set up cost for the event itself. The last original cost agreed upon was about $900,000 for the build out.

“While the church paid an initial deposit of $150,000 to secure materials and begin construction, the plaintiff prop company alleges the agreed installments of $70,000 per month were not paid in full or on time.” This is misinformation. The ministry paid over $700,000 to Movie Props, which is 80%-90% of the total agreed upon build out cost.

“Despite the lack of timely and full payments, Movie Prop continued its work and made changes and additions to the stage set so that the new budget ballooned to $2.2 million.” This is a lie. Movie Props did not continue to work and make changes to the stage like they agreed to. Upon inspection, only about $250,000-$300,000 was complete. Movie Props is lying out of a spirit of greed. The $2.2 million was a budget they proposed for some additions that I had wanted to add to the display, but later rejected because of the cost.

“In May 2021, Movie Prop “ceased construction of the stage prop due to no funding being received” from the Kingdom of God Global Church and stored the partially constructed stage prop at a cost of $4,000 per month.” The storage fees were never agreed upon by KOGGC. Movie Props received over $700,000 for the project.

“It has sued to recover $240,000 for the cost of materials and labor for the partial construction and additionally $4,000 per month for the cost of storing the prop set which it says cannot be sold to others because of its design specifications.” This is a lie. Over $700,000 has been paid and only 30% of the work has been done. KOGGC does not owe Movie Props any money, Movie Props owes KOGGC money for its lack of work performance. There was never an agreed upon $4,000 a month for storage. They are trying to throw this in here because of their greed.

“His daily Miracles Today Broadcast is a venue for Taylor to pray over anointed prayer cloths that people call in to receive. He also claims to have the power to heal and work miracles.”

The media always tries to twist things. I do not claim to have power in and of myself to heal or work miracles. I always claim and boldly declare the power to heal and work miracles comes from God and I minister to the people in the name of Jesus and always give God the glory for His healing power.

It is time we, as the church, stand up against the persecution of God’s people! We must stand up against the wicked journalists and media who slander and persecute God’s sons and daughters. God says, “Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm,”

 (1 Chronicles 16:22).

Secular and Christian media outlets are being used by the devil to persecute the church! If the church doesn’t come together and stand up against it in America, it’s going to get worse!

The Media has always persecuted Healing Evangelists in this nation, and anyone who believes God for modern day miracles to heal the sick or believes God for the supernatural in this nation!! THE DEMONIC ABUSE HAS TO STOP !! They always try to persecute preachers about the money that helps them preach the gospel of Jesus Christ!!


Stand Up Against Persecution of God’s Church!

Stand Up Against Persecution of God’s Pastors!

Stand Up Against Persecution of Healing Evangelists!

Now, we have the opportunity to purchase a 200+ acre campus for our main headquarters! The brokers that originally worked on this project for us presented a loan for $50million from a homosexual Christian church organization that was interested in funding the campus. However, the lender from this organization said for them to give us the loan, we had to change our church bylaws… specifically, the part stating marriage was between a man and a woman. They wanted us to change our bylaws to support their homosexual lifestyle by removing our belief that marriage is between a husband and wife! I sent them a rebuke message back, telling them that their money would perish with them, and if they did not repent they were going to go to hell. I told them we didn’t want their money! I would never compromise God’s Word for money.

After all I’ve been through with discrimination from banks, $50 million would look very attractive to most leaders if they went through what I have been through, but it was not attractive in my eyes! I was appalled and angry that they would try to force and manipulate me to succumb to their homosexual ways. It was very upsetting to hear that other churches agreed to change their bylaws, just to get the money!

I said, “Listen, I’m not doing that. I love Jesus. I’m personal friends with Jesus. I’m not just his servant or preacher, I’m His friend. I will never betray Him like that!” Everything they say online about me concerning money are lies, and they are LIARS. I have stood up to them!

After this, God opened the door for an even better loan! If you remain faithful to God, He will be faithful to you!!

The Lord has also commanded me to hold a big impartation service when I come out of shut away. When He releases me, I’m going straight to the pulpit to release what the Lord has given me in here for you! Do not miss it! Don’t forget we are still doing the arena crusade in the United States that was set back by COVID! We haven’t forgotten and God hasn’t forgotten what He promised to do through me in America, and He is still calling you to be a part! There are so many doors opening for me around the world and as a loyal supporter of me and this ministry, I want you to be involved. In one of my virtual crusades overseas, over one million people showed up, but God told me not to leave the shut away inside the church! When I get out, there will be 2 million in attendance!

Even after all the enemy’s persecution, the evil harassment and persecution from racist people and institutions in America, and all the people who gossiped, bought, and believed the evil lies online about us being destroyed, God allowed it and used it to build us up! God’s Word warns us about our mouths, being judgmental, or rushing to assess a situation before learning the whole truth. If any one of you reading this were one of the people who believed the lies about me online, please know that I forgive you and I truly love you! I love all my enemies and I pray that they get saved and their soul isn’t lost in hell over this! They are not fighting me, they are fighting God and they aren’t only going to lose in real time, but they have already lost! God always gives His people the victory! I’m not a victim of Racism, I’m a VICTOR and this principality shall come down!!

I love you and continue to pray for you! Remember that no matter what persecution you face, there is never any reason to give up!

Everlasting at it…

Your friend,

~ David E. Taylor ~

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