David E. Taylor is not just an apostle with his own ministry. At the age of 17, Jesus visited him face to face in a dream to confirm to him that He was ALIVE and wanted Apostle Taylor to follow Him closely. From that moment, an intense hunger and passion to follow Christ overtook his heart and life and Jesus continued to visit and disciple him in a special way, face to face! Through the intimacy and close relationship that Apostle developed with Jesus, he was found approved and trustworthy to God, because his genuine demonstration of love and obedience to Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are truly FIRST in his life. The Lord expressed His need for a man to stand on the authority of His Word and to uphold His Kingdom standards without any compromise or wavering. You see, God was looking for a man that would be able to stand the tests of time, and be able to endure, no matter what persecution has or will come his way, in order to obey and fulfill the will of God in the earth and to see the greatest harvest of souls reaped, that will usher in the return of Christ for the glorious bride. God has built Apostle to carry His glory and to lead a nation to deliverance, the questions are, will they listen, and will they repent?

Today, we can clearly see why Jesus visited Apostle Taylor at such a young age and personally trained him to withstand and overcome every attack! America needs to be delivered, but they need to repent first!! Revival can’t come without repentance. While it is true, Apostle Taylor has a global face to face miracle ministry, walks in all of the fivefold ministry offices, has an extraordinary and special teaching ministry, and so much more, most importantly he is God’s face to face prophet in our generation, like unto Moses. No, he is not Moses, however, he does have the mantle of Moses on his life today, and because of the greater promises and covenants through the Blood of Jesus, he has an even greater mantle too!

Not only does Apostle Taylor have a burden for individuals to be healed, his heart is heavily burdened for America! He loves our nation and wants her to be delivered, healed, and preserved! As God’s face to face prophet in our generation, Apostle Taylor has been given the divine assignment and mission to save America, and God is working with him to do it!

Through a series of dreams given, that started nearly 30 years ago, God showed Apostle that Russia was behind attacks against the United States starting with the bombing of the World Trade Centers, and another attack that Russia would come upon America’s coast with nuclear submarines and nuke the whole coast of Florida, California, and other key cities, with even greater and more detrimental and devastating results than what we experienced during 9/11. Russia is at the helm and many nations are on board. This is very serious, and we cannot afford to take it lightly or play it down, millions of souls are at stake. It is time that America, as a nation, WAKES up to the subtle danger that surrounds her if she does not!! Apostle Taylor is not only helping to prevent a war from coming to America, he has the SOLUTION to her biggest problem, which is annihilation.

God has already determined to punish this nation by fire and nuclear war if America doesn’t wake up and listen. America’s enemies include, but are not limited to, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Arab Nations, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and North Korea. They hate the west, and God will allow them to destroy America, because she has turned her back on God. He chastises His people and will release judgment by nuclear fire if they don’t repent. This isn’t something new, God has done it throughout history. Although America is a Godly nation, if the church continues to reject the message and the prophet bringing it, the war will be allowed. The church is praying for revival, but they are not accepting the way God is sending it. Israel rejected Jesus & John the Baptist, the religious leaders at that time didn’t accept the true prophets. “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate” (Matthew 23:28). Then the enemies came, bombarded Jerusalem, and took them captive.

Apostle Taylor has been sent with the face to face ministry, and the church has rejected him. In other words, the church at large, has rejected not only what God wants done, but also how He wants it done. To be face to face with His harvest, is how He wants it done! Apostle has the mantle of Moses upon him in the earth today, to deliver a nation, specifically America! God has equipped Apostle Taylor to deliver this nation.

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