DAY 4:

An incredible visitation through Apostle Taylor’s ministry!

Everyone connected to Apostle David E. Taylor and especially those on staff have incredible visitations! Here is one that happened this morning. Apostle Taylor told this person to specifically pray for what is on God’s heart in this season. She did and the Lord visited her and gave her the following encouraging dream It just happened!

I just woke up from the most life-changing visitation from the Lord!!! In this dream, I heard the Lord with such a tender loving voice tell me that His children feel like He has forgotten them…the Lord then spoke to me with such love and concern in His voice to all the ministers on His son’s phone line  (I knew in the dream God referred to Apostle His son), saying, “tell them to tell My children…I have not forgotten you!!!”!!!

I knew that this message was for everyone! As the Lord spoke this to me, I saw the message hit the hearts of the staff here and they began to release this impartation and message to those that called in to the prayer line!

He will never leave you nor forsake you (Matthew 28:20)

Have you felt forgotten?? God has not forgotten you! Receive this love and special touch from God now as you call into Apostle Taylor’s phone line just like what was shown in the dream!!!

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