DAY 10:

“Have you gotten good at remembering what you need to forget and forgetting what you need to remember? That is a trick of the enemy, fueled by unforgiving, religious, and self-righteous spirits, reminding you of the sins, iniquities, flaws, and failures that were forgiven and forgotten through the Blood of Jesus! His Blood has not lost its power, it still redeems today!

Get the mind of Christ and remember that when He forgives your sins, He also forgets them. When you do, you will be in agreement with the greater truth!! Do not be bamboozled by those that put God’s law above His love. The Bible does not say that God’s law never fails, it says His LOVE never fails..!!

Have you been living in condemnation because of what people remember about you? Today you can be FREE when you come into agreement with God says and knows about you!! Call 1-877-843-4567 for a prayer warrior to stand in prayer and receive God’s greater truth about you..!!” ~David E. Taylor

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